General FAQs

Superr API is available for Free. You need not pay additional charges or subscription fees for using Superr API.
  • Go to the Sign up page.
  • Superr API sign-up page will open.
  • Enter all the mandatory details to create an account.
  • Read the terms & conditions carefully and accept it.
  • You will get the email id with credentials for Superr API login.
Once you sign up for the API, you will get API credentials through email or sms.
Once you sign up to the Superr API, you will get credentials to login to the Superr API Portal. You will be able to manage your API using these new credentials. Please note that these new credentials are for Superr API management only.
Superr API is available in 5 different languages. The links to their SDKs are mentioned below
  • Python SDK
  • Java SDK
  • Go SDK
  • .NET SDK
  • Node.js SDK
Yes! You will be able to generate sessions using login API & place orders.
No additional charges for Superr API. You will be charged as per your existing brokerage rate. No extra charges for using Superr API.
Yes! Superr APIs are available for all customers.
You will be able to place the below-given orders:
  • Delivery
  • Intraday
  • Carryforward
  • Bracket Order (BO)
You can generate and use an API Key with several low-code/no-code algo platforms available.
Yes, Superr API offers a Websocket service to stream live prices across all segments and exchanges.